Adobe Creative Suite 5 Folder Icons

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I recently won a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium…only to find out that there is no custom folder icon in OS X for containing all the different applications that are part of the suite. I decided to make my own icons, and they turned out so well that I’m releasing them here for the world to use – there are different icons depending on which suite you own (or which icon you prefer). Enjoy!


Download here.

3 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Suite 5 Folder Icons

  1. Tyler

    These are awesome, any chance you can put up or send me some high res .pngs of these? The icons are great for finder, but there’s a few other places I’d like to use these that won’t accept the files in the .zip

  2. Eric

    Really nice looking. Way better then other options i saw online. Odd that Adobe doesn’t create their own customer folder. Thanks for the work.


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